Carpe is a digital financial planner built to empower your journey towards home ownership, debt freedom and credit repair. Our mission is to help individuals and families seize control of their financial lives and take concrete steps to improve their personal financial wellness.

For far too long, expert unbiased advice has been available to far too few. We are introducing personalized financial solutions and solution-matches for everyone, free of charge and available 24/7. Our independent platform provides certainty, simplicity and transparency to your financial life.

We are able to do this through our innovative tech-enabled approach to understanding each individual's financial situation, and recommending next steps that fit with their specific needs. Our technology aims to digitally recreate a conversational expert-advisor relationship and deliver outcome-focused guidance for only relevant financial goals. No sales, no hassle, no spam. The first goal of our platform is to address access to credit and debt reduction, an issue facing over 50 million working Americans with less than perfect FICO scores.

To-date, Carpe has helped over 75,000 people on their journey to personal financial success.

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Our Company is driven by the goal of providing simple, affordable and high-quality solutions to every individual that wants to engage with their financial wellness.  We formed Carpe in response to the increasingly narrow focus of qualified experts and the high-income population segments they serve.  Our belief is that everyone should have access to a concierge-level approach to financial planning.  

In 2015, we launched our exclusive Carpe Match technology to help you find personalized credit solutions tailored to your specific needs.  Before Carpe, the daily financial journey of so many of our customers was filled with misdirection, misinformation and nowhere to turn.  Searches for personal loans, credit repair, debt consolidation, or student loan refinance often ended up with random offers or impersonal options that were too expensive, not right or not real.  Everything we saw was advertising-based, full of conflicts, or created for search engines and not real people.  And nobody was interested in having an actual conversation.

Why wasn’t there a financial shopping platform that listened first and talked second?

That’s why we've built


Carpe is delivering certainty, simplicity and transparency to personal finance.

We accomplish this by listening to your personal story and having an online conversation about your needs.  We then search our pre-screened database of Lenders or Service Providers to match you to a single and best Solution.  If there is no instant Solution available, we coach you on how to accomplish your goals over time or in a different way.  Over time, we expect to build new features to digitally recreate the human interaction between financial experts and their clients.

This is how financial services has been delivered for decades.  Listening first and then recommending solutions.  We are using data, machine-learning and our proprietary matching technology to create and optimize the same process in a fraction of the time and for zero cost to you!

As an independent consumer-focused business, our only focus is on matching you with the most affordable and appropriate deal, in the shortest amount of time.


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