Debt Consolidation help
Cleveland, OH
Loan: $18,000
Credit: poor

Credit Card Consolidation

By Team Carpe | October 29, 2015

Meet Sandra - she needed to consolidate her debt            My biggest priority was to cut credit card debt down and lower my rates. I have fairly low credit but Carpe still found me a lender that approved me for a debt consolidation loan instantly.  I couldn't have done it without ... (read more)
low interest personal loans

Online Loans 101 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By Team Carpe | February 03, 2016

If you find yourself looking for funds to cover short-term bills, emergency cash needs, home improvement loans or debt consolidation including credit card refinance, the Internet is now one of the best places to borrow the money you need.  That being said, the Internet is still, well … the Internet!  The ... (read more)
Debt Reduction

Reducing Debt the Carpe Way

By Team Carpe | February 17, 2016

Using a Personal Loan to Save Money and Consolidate Your DebtNot all debt is bad. In fact, your credit rating is a measure of how well you handle your debt. There may be a million reasons why your credit score isn't stellar right now, but that doesn't mean ... (read more)

CONSUMER ALERT: Spoofing Scheme from false loan officers from "Carpe Loans"

By Team Carpe | October 13, 2016

We were recently alerted that imposters claiming to be representatives of or "Carpe Loans" are calling consumers and offering loan deals.  They call from a 323-number or e-mail from "" or "" and have requested personal information as well as wire transfers or cash ... (read more)

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