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By Team Carpe | October 01, 2015

We are your trusted online credit advisor.  That means that we are an independent matching platform that guides you to a personalized solution in the shortest amount of time possible.  Everything we do at Carpe is based on serving you with certainty, simplicity and transparency. We’ve built Carpe because ... (read more)
Student Loan Refinance help
San Francisco, CA
Loan: $40,000
Credit: good

Student Loan Refinance

By Team Carpe | October 29, 2015

Amy wanted a lower rate on her student loans          Getting out of debt seemed impossible. A year ago, I paid down credit cards and built my FICO up to 700.  But I still got rejected by my bank to lower my private student loan payments.  I needed a refinance solution ... (read more)
Home Improvement Loan help
Orlando, FL
Loan: $8,000
Credit: excellent

Home Improvement Loans

By Team Carpe | October 29, 2015

Michael needed a loan for a big home improvement     After finding peer-to-peer lenders, I am done with credit cards.  The rates are lower and the service is better. But it's a real pain to apply to all of them to find the best deal.  The process at Carpe was ... (read more)
Personal Loan help
Houston, TX
Loan: $13,000
Credit: fair

Loans to Pay Emergency Bills

By Team Carpe | October 29, 2015

Jason needed help to cover emergency medical bills        I used to be in serious debt. Things are a little better now but I still use personal loans to help when business is bad.  When the unexpected happened, I needed easier access to money and I needed someone to do the ... (read more)

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