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Get Home Improvement Loans for Renovation and Home Remodeling

Unsecured personal loans, also known as consumer loans, are available for your home remodel and home improvement needs right now.

Building improvements to your home can be thrilling and satisfying, especially when you are undertaking a major home remodeling and making your home improvement ideas come to life. That is why getting a home improvement loan or home renovation loans are important for your joy. Our job is to make sure the process of finding the top loan doesn’t ruin that joy and turn your project into a nightmare full of wasted time and lost money.

How Do I Know if I am Eligible for a Home Improvement Loan?

It doesn’t matter what portion of the home you need a home remodeling loan or home renovation loan for, whether it’s a kitchen remodel or bath remodel or master bedroom remodel or even a swimming pool loan – the right home remodel loan financing can be just as essential as your home improvement ideas project itself. When you have fair or decent credit, the ideal home improvement loan is within reach from a variety of lenders, although we still recommend you shop around via Carpe Match. 

Note that the quality low-rate home renovation loans are available to individuals with good or excellent credit.  Unlike a mortgage, these loans are not secured by your home, so the lenders will look at your specific financial profile.  Once approved, you’ll have the liberty to use your home remodel loan proceeds on any home remodel ideas you can manifest – from patio decks, kitchens, roofing and swimming pools to accompaniments, solar energy loans and anything in between!  Renovation of your bathroom? Connecting new windows or doors to your home? With a home improvement loan found via Carpe Match, you can get the home remodel loans you need for your home improvement plan in as quickly as days. Calculate your monthly payment here.


Why Take Out a Home Improvement Loan Instead of a HELOC

HELOC’s, or Home Equity Lines of Credit, may be a better source of financing for your value-adding home improvement project.  Because a HELOC is sometimes secured, and a personal home improvement loan is unsecured, the HELOC is a more traditional bank product that could come at a lower rate.  However, these are only available when there is sufficient equity and value on your home as decided by these banks – and the application process could be complicated if you need to find a lender that is different than your mortgage provider.

As with any financial product, we recommend you shop around.  Carpe Match helps you do that, and finds you the lowest rate with the top service to fit your specific financial profile, in under 60 seconds.  The faster you get your loan, the faster you’ll start to add value to your home.


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