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Refinancing Student Loans – Top Solutions to Lower Your Private Student Loan Payments

Let's Talk about Private Student Loans

You’ve got the degree, maybe even a well-deserved MD, PhD, JD or MBA, you’ve got the job … and you’ve also got the debt.  We get it – we’ve been there too.  Part of the reason we launched Carpe Match is to make it simple to lower the payments on your private student loans, leaving you more money for savings and paying down all of your high-interest debt.  See above for our 60-second matching process where we find you a quality private student loan refinancing lender, and see below where we answer, how does student loan refinancing work?


Refinance Your Private Student Loans

It is simpler than you think to refinance private student loans. First, it’s important to understand there is no commitment needed to check your personalized student loan refinance rates. Some customers save over $10K during the student loan refinancing process – so believe us when we say it is worth the time to discover and compare solutions. Our platform can do this for you, and once you have the top solution-provider, you can apply online or just give them a call. We work with some of the top banks and new lenders, including peer-to-peer student lenders and marketplace student debt refinance lenders, to reduce and refinance student loans and student debt.

Refinancing multiple private student loans into a solitary student loan can have many benefits including a condensed interest rate, i.e. a smaller loan payment, or a term reduction.  We recommend that you be very careful if considering using a private student loan to refinance your Federal loans – it is important to read the fine print and understand that you may lose consumer-friendly flexibility that comes with Federal student loans.  Consolidation is often a better option here.

It is also possible for parents to refinance their PLUS loans using a private student loan.  Similar to our thoughts on students pursuing this route of using private student debt to refinance federal student debt, parents should think hard about the structure and all options for dealing with their PLUS debt.  As of now, it is not possible to transfer PLUS loans to children – so if you have excellent or good credit, a private personal student loan may make sense.


Student Loan Refinance Benefits:

-        Appreciate a possibly lower monthly payment

-        Consolidate numerous student loans or refinance a solitary student loan

-        Select from a reasonable fixed or variable interest rate choice when you employ

-        Decrease your student loan cost by succeeding for our interest rate reductions


Deciding when to refinance your student college or graduate loan? 

Whether to refinance your student loans is a private choice, and it is not correct for everyone. Here is what to deliberate. First you must review and dissect the benefits and the perks of any student loan you desire to place into refinancing. One must also take into account their current income and monthly expenses, as well as short and long term finance objectives in life. We can help you with your decision and lead you to the top solution for refi-ing your student loan debt for possibly lower interest rates and more controllable payments.

It's worth remembering also that lowering payments on your private student loan debt with a student loan refinance program is definitely an option for mature adults looking to manage their debt responsibly. There is no age limit, although just about every lender will want to see significant income and some stability.  Seeking a way to lower your student loan payments with fair or bad credit?  Right now, it may be difficult – but lenders may change their credit criteria at any time so it is worth checking often. 


Get going with Carpe Match today – seize your journey, seize the rate!


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